Essential Posing Secrets

Finally, you can banish lame poses in your photos…Here’s How!

Check out the new revised edition….One of the easiest – and most important – ways to improve your photography is with great posing. “Essential Posing Secrets” will teach you everything you need to know to add that WOW factor to your photos.
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  • The Portrait Shape
  • Using The Rule Of Thirds
  • Fill The Frame
  • Follow The Eyes
  • Where To Focus

What Is Beauty?

  • Make Women Pretty – Men Handsome
  • A Symmetrical Face
  • Clear Skin
  • Thin Face And High Cheek Bones
  • The Neck

Posing – Groups

  • Let’s Start With the Shape!
  • The Pyramid
  • The Diagonal Line
  • The Diamond

Individual Posing – Body Silhouette

  • The “I” Shape
  • The “C” Shape
  • The “C” In Famous Art
  • The “S” Shape
  • The “S” In Famous Art

Posing the Portrait

  • The Pyramid In Portrait Photography
  • The Eyes – Where To Have The Model Look

Joints In Portrait Photography

  • If It Can Bend, Let It Bend
  • If There Are Two Of Them – Make Them Different

4 Tips To Eliminate Closed Eyes And Squinting

  • Shoot With The Light At Their Back


  • Shoot Late In The Day


  • Count To Three


  • Use A Bounced Flash – Not Direct!


Hats – Break The Portrait Photography Rules


  • The One Hat You MUST Include!


Photo Exercises


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