The Fallen Stone

This is a God-inspired read filled with deep, rich insights. It is fast paced, entertaining and thoughtful. I know first hand that as a creative writer, Terri is a never-ending source of God-ideas.

Philip Bailey, Lead singer, Earth, Wind and Fire

The FALLEN STONE reaffirms Terri McFaddin-Solomon as a creative poet. This story is filled with sound teaching woven into an allegorical tale of faith and restoration.

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr. Presiding Bishop Reconciliation – International Network of Churches and Ministries


The Fallen Stone is an adventurous tale that brings hope and healing to those who have faced failure, loss, and disappointments. The main character, Peak, is an arrogant mountain peak that towers above all the other mountains in his region. But after a series of brutal storms, Peak breaks into pieces and falls to rock bottom. As he struggles to overcome bitterness and shame, this fallen stone is led to a powerful purpose that will be remembered for generations to come. In many respects, the story of The Fallen Stone is the authors personal journey of discovering Gods divine plan in the midst of adversity. I can assure you that if you have fallen, you will rise again. Gods purpose is revealed in the challenges that you face. The surprise ending is guaranteed to renew your faith and fill your heart with hope and expectation.


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